Campus Tours
Sunday, May 31st, 2015

12:00 PM, 3:30 PM

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Today's discount tickets
  • Ticket offers updated in the early afternoon Tuesday–Saturday.

  • 50% off New York City Ballet

    8:00pm Saturday
    3:00pm Sunday

  • 50% off The Artistry of Max Roach with Ali Jackson, The Rose Theater at Jazz

    8:00pm Saturday

  • 20% off Irondale Ensemble Presents- St.Joan of the Stockyards
    85 S Oxford St, Brooklyn

    7:30PM      Saturday

  • Zucker Box Office Hours
    Tuesday–Friday 2:00 pm–7:45 pm
    Saturday 12:00 pm–2:00 pm, 3:00 pm–7:45 pm
    The box office is closed Sunday–Monday.

Free Peformances

Thu. May 28

7:30 pm

The David Mayfield Parade
Presented in collaboration with American Songbook

Fri. May 29

7:30 pm

Lincoln Center Originals: Digital Dance

Mon. Jun. 1

7:30 pm

NY Philharmonic’s Insights at the Atrium: Joan of Arc at the Stake: Drama in Music

Wed. Jun. 3

7:30 pm

Artist to Artist

Thu. Jun. 4

7:30 pm

Adam Pendleton and Jason Moran

Fri. Jun. 5

7:00 pm

Film Screening: Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

Sat. Jun. 6

11:00 am

Meet the Artist Saturdays: Movement of the People Dance Company

Sat. Jun. 6

7:00 pm

Film Screening: Batman

Wed. Jun. 10

7:30 pm

Lincoln Center Originals: Masters on Masters

Thu. Jun. 11

7:30 pm

Rashid Johnson and Melvin Van Peebles

Fri. Jun. 12

7:30 pm

Lincoln Center Originals: The CRY HAVOC Company

Thu. Jun. 18

7:30 pm

Bixiga 70

Wed. Jun. 24

7:30 pm

Robin Rhode and Val Jeanty

Thu. Jun. 25

7:30 pm


Thu. Jul. 2

7:30 pm

Las Cafeteras

Thu. Jul. 9

7:30 pm

In partnership with Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) Presents: Triangulo de Amor Bizarro

Thu. Jul. 16

7:30 pm

Gnawa Diffusion and InnoVe Gnawa

Wed. Jul. 22

6:00 pm

Meet the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra
Free Discussion and Performance

Thu. Jul. 23

7:30 pm

The Kindred Talks: “What Is Our Creative Response to America's Policy of Mass Incarceration?”
A Project of MAPP International Productions

Thu. July 23

10:00 pm

After Party: Wolfgang Flür/MusikSoldat (ex-Kraftwerk)
Presented in collaboration with Lincoln Center Out of Doors

Thu. Jul. 30

7:30 pm

Marcia Castro
Presented in collaboration with Brasil Summer Fest

Thu. Aug. 13

7:30 pm

Rocky Dawuni

Thu. Aug. 20

7:30 pm

DJ KS 360 presents Behind The Groove Featuring Pitchblak Brass Band! Your Hostess Rok A Fella aka La Roka!
Presented in collaboration with Behind the Groove

Thu. Aug. 27

7:30 pm

Downtown Comes Uptown,
Presented in collaboration with Rockwood Music Hall
Hosted by Rita Houston (WFUV)