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Eugenie Mukeshimana

J.Bob Alotta

Raghava KK

Nathan Trice

Liza Jessie Peterson

Circle Round Dignity, Courage & Survival: hosted by Morley with special guests Eugenie Mukeshimana, J.Bob Alotta, Raghava KK, Nathan Trice, and Liza Jessie Peterson

Thursday, March 5 at 7:30
David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, Frieda and Roy Furman Stage

Join singer-songwriter Morley for a performance-based round table discussion among friends on empathy and healing through art and action. The evening will feature a cross section of artists and human rights activists including Eugenie Mukeshimana, founder of the Genocide Survivors Support Network and survivor of the Rwandan genocide; J. Bob Alotta, executive director of Astraea, the Lesbian Foundation for Justice; multidisciplinary artist & storyteller Raghava KK; Nathan Trice, artistic director/founder of nathantrice/RITUALS project-by-project dance theater; and performance artist Liza Jessie Peterson. Prepare to be inspired.

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