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collage of the members of IndianRaga Fellows
IndianRaga Fellows
collage of the members of RAJASs

Sriram Emani

Neel Murgai

Roopa Mahadevan

Rajna Swaminathan

Miles Okazaki

Gen Y Raga Forum

Thursday, November 19 at 7:30
David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, Frieda and Roy Furman Stage

Millennials in the world of Indian classical music gather for an evening of discussion and performance featuring the IndianRaga Fellows Ensemble and RAJAS. Highlighting the music in both a traditional and contemporary context, these two groups illuminate the vitality of this art form among young artists in America. The two performances will be followed by a panel discussion on the creative process and personal significance of playing Indian classical music as a young person in the U.S., how we can re-imagine the conversation of cultural appropriation and genuine collaboration, and the spaces and programs that are fueling the music’s preservation and growth.

Sriram Emani, Founder of IndianRaga
Neel Murgai, Musician/Composer/Co-founder of Brooklyn Raga Massive
Roopa Mahadevan, Singer/IndianRaga Fellow
Rajna Swaminathan, Composer/Mrudangam player/Leader of RAJAS
Miles Okazaki, Guitarist/Member of RAJAS

Winner of the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge and U.S. Creative Business Cup 2012, IndianRaga is a digital music education startup founded at MIT. Over the last two years, IndianRaga has successfully launched the IndianRaga Fellowship in North America and produced over 25 IndianRaga Labs in addition to various concerts and educational projects. Focused on peer-led learning combined with instructor-led training of fundamental concepts, IndianRaga provides a holistic approach to learning music and includes a focus on presentation and performance, high-quality audio and video production, and collaboration with fellow musicians. The ensemble of IndianRaga Fellows for this performance includes Roopa Mahadevan (vocals), Souryadeep Bhattacharyya (sarod), Aditya Sriram (keyboard) and Sumhith Veda Aradhyula (venu/flute).

Watch Roopa Mahadevan at her IndianRaga Fellowship Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uuDJN1Gkhs

RAJAS is a project that brings together contemporary musicians from the Indian classical and jazz/creative music scenes in New York City. The Vedantic term "rajas" refers to the inner human energy that compels us to act, to pursue our passions, to create, and to preserve ourselves. Spearheaded by mrudangam artist Rajna Swaminathan, the project aims to highlight the innovative potential of contemporary musicians in the South Asian diaspora and provides a forum to collectively contemplate new possibilities for musical concepts and sensibilities stemming from the Indian classical idiom. RAJAS is made up of Rajna Swaminathan (mrudangam, compositions), Miles Okazaki (guitar), Stephan Crump (bass), Anjna Swaminathan (violin), and Maria Grand (tenor saxophone).

Watch RAJAS live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yin6_RB8vXU

Presented in collaboration with IndianRaga and Brooklyn Raga Massive.

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